The SEK Education System is based on knowledge acquisition through the exploration of concepts, research and the development of competencies that encourage critical thought and creativity. SEK students learn strategies that will permit them, throughout their lives, to be autonomous, self-assured and able to learn independently.

The demands of our system and a rigorous evaluation model focussed on improvement allow us to guarantee the highest possible academic attainment from our students.

A balanced education that especially values sports, the development of technological competencies and those related to social and emotional intelligence, community service and artistic expression. SEK-Santa Isabel works with its students to develop abilities that will help them to confront the constant changes and challenges of the 21st century, in an ever more complex environment.

Digital Interactive Whiteboards are already one of the tools of choice in our classrooms as an aid for every subject. These tools allow us to make our explanations dynamic, facilitating the teaching and learning process, and making it more interactive and participative. In new, open and flexible surroundings we have broken the limitations of fixed desktop workstations, putting in their place iPads and portable devices that facilitate learning and working for both students and teachers.

At SEK-Santa Isabel we apply collaborative learning methods, teaching methods based on cooperative learning in which social abilities are fostered and team working is encouraged. Using these methods, students play a leading role in and take ownership of their learning process. Participation and interaction in the classroom becomes the centre of the educational system. We also implement an Emotional and Social Learning programme.

The SEK Group, a pioneer (1977) in the implementation in Spain of the International Baccalaureate Organisation® (IB) programmes, integrates their curricular framework in order to enhance the national curriculum in the form of a continuum from the ages of 3 up to 18 years of age.


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Special importance is given to the development of emotional intelligence abilities and they are integrated into the curriculum. We work on the basis of the PYP curricular framework in the “Creative resolution of conflicts”. Our teachers have been trained by the education expert Linda Lantieri (CASEL-Daniel Goleman Institute).

The SEK Education Group takes an active part in its own Environmental Project Ecosek, for the saving and recycling of paper and protection of the environment.


SEK – Santa Isabel offers a wide range of complementary activities whose aim is to develop the personality, characteristics and interests of each and every student individually.

The Learning Through Social Action Programme (PAMAS). Our students work with businesses, organisations, non-governmental organisations and families who introduce their places of work. The aim is to relate classroom learning to learning about the world outside.

Branding Kids, a study in the uses of marketing and communication in different media and fair trade. It is undertaken in collaboration with the Madrid Complutense University and with schools and universities in a variety of countries: Finland, Brazil, United Kingdom.

Etwinning. A technological exchange between schools in Spain and overseas, together with the other schools in the SEK Education Group.

International Weeks, Book Week, arranging charity sales, the Intergenerational Project (working with an old people’s home). Everything is organised by the students with the help of their teachers.

To improve their linguistic abilities, students in Primary Education year 5 receive public speaking lessons and those in year 6 have debating lessons.

When they arrive in school our students are greeted, right from the start, by marvellous tales, books and stories. We have broken away from the idea of a library as something closed and have created a place where books are not guarded, but rather are put within the reach of little readers.

Complementary activities